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Specialty Surgical Products including Cardiothoracic, Laparoscopic, General Surgery and Neuro Surgical Equipment.

Bipolar Pacing Wires and Cable Technology

Advanced temporary cardiac pacing wire and cable technology designed to provide superior clinical advantages as well as cost containment.

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Xenosys LED Surgical Headlight System

LED Surgical Headlights for the surgical suite has arrived! Xenosys LED Surgical Headlight System. This LED headlight closes the gap in light quality vs. 300 watt xenon headlights. Eliminates light sources, eliminates costly replacement fiber optic cables and xenon lamps. Enables the surgeon to move freely in the OR.

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A USA manufacturer of a full compliment of Bookler retraction systems as well as components for table mounted retractor setups. Our pricing for replacement blades and ratchets is very competitive and we invite you to place a quotation request.

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Bipolar Cords and Irrigating Bipolar Cords

USA made high quality bipolar cords and irrigating bipolar cords as well as disposable bipolar forceps.

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