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Neurosurgical Products

Perfect tips, perfect performance, every case. Freedom Bipolar Forceps and Cords are made in the USA to our exact specifications.

Freedom Forceps »

Liberty Disposable Bayonet Forcep Liberty Disposable Bayonet Forcep

We currently stock several patterns of disposable Bayonet, Adson, and Jeweler style forceps. Our cords come pre-attached saving OR time and making it easier to manage inventory. Our cords also come individually and include the irrigating style for your Malis irrigating neurosurgery service.

QED Medical »

QED Medical

QED has over 40 years of experience in building light sources and headlights for surgeons throughout the world. If you have ever purchased a BFW headlight or light source then you have experience with QED! If you should have any existing headlights and light sources that need servicing or upgrading, AMSC & QED Lighting in Lexington, KY are prepared to provide unmatched service in combination with the high quality products of QED. Contact us and reference “QEDWEB” and AMSC will provide no charge shipping on any new or serviced equipment.