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Cardiothoracic Products

We offer a broad spectrum of products that meet the needs of the open heart surgeon. Including aortic punches, heart nets, pacing cables, pacing wires, suture organizers, vessel cannulas with or without valve, myocardial temp probes, aortic root cannulas, and venous dual stage, triple stage or single stage cannulas.

Medical Concepts EU »

MCEU Products MCEU Products

MCE is a European manufacturer who has discovered a superior method in the placement of temporary monopolar and bipolar pacing wires and cables. One gently curved thoracic needle bifurcates into 2 monopolar pacing electrodes either for atrial placement on the surface or ventricular below the surface. The cables are a smart configuration with a quick connect push button feature that provides a secure connection. We are confident your heart surgeons, if given the opportunity, will appreciate the upgrade in convenience and quality, not to mention the cost savings!

Bipolar & Monopolar Pacing Wires PDF »

CP Cable

Disposable Pacing Cables for Temporary Cardio Pacing

Including small 2.5 meter and 3.6 meter alligator clips, including bi-ventrical options. 1.8 meter and 3.6 meter twist clips also available.

CP Product Code Description Quantity
CP-08101 Small Alligator Clips - 2.5 meters 5 per box
CP-08101-BV Sm. Al. Clips - 2.5 meters - Bi-Ventrical 5 per box
CP-12101 Small Alligator Clips - 3.6 meters 5 per box
CP-08201 Small Alligator Clips - 2.5 meters 5 per box
CP-06601 Twist Clips - 1.8 meters 5 per box
CP-12601 Twist Clips - 3.6 meters 5 per box

Xenosys LED Surgical Headlight System

LED Surgical Headlights for the surgical suite has arrived! Xenosys LED Surgical Headlight System. This LED headlight closes the gap in light quality vs. 300 watt xenon headlights. Eliminates light sources, eliminates costly replacement fiber optic cables and xenon lamps. Enables the surgeon to move freely in the OR.

Delacroix-Chevalier »

Delacroix-Chevalier is a French manufacturer of high-quality cardiothoracic and vascular surgical products, including thoracic retractors and minimally-invasive thoracic and cardiac instrumentation. Through Delacroix, we can offer you the widest array of cardiothoracic retractors, clamps, needle holders and scissors.

The following video demonstrates the use of Delacroix-Chevalier’s Navarro retractor in a posterolateral thoracotomy. It provides the surgeon with an unparalleled conical field of vision, as well as accessories to provide excellent aperture compared with the standard Finochietto.

Delacroix-Chevalier Brochure PDF »

Quest Medical »

Quest Aortic Punch Quest Aortic Punch

A USA manufacturer of the finest aortic punch available. The surgeon will feel the difference with heavy duty high quality components and the perfect aortotomy. Rotational cut with precision and confidence. The Clean Cut Aortic Punches from Quest Medical have been the aortic punch of choice in the largest heart surgery hospitals for many years. We invite you to evaluate our punches on us!

QED Medical »

QED Medical

QED has over 40 years of experience in building light sources and headlights for surgeons throughout the world. If you have ever purchased a BFW headlight or light source then you have experience with QED! If you should have any existing headlights and light sources that need servicing or upgrading, AMSC & QED Lighting in Lexington, KY are prepared to provide unmatched service in combination with the high quality products of QED. Contact us and reference “QEDWEB” and AMSC will provide no charge shipping on any new or serviced equipment.

Disposable Cardiovascular Suture Organizer »

Suture Organizer

Conveniently designed suture organizer created to save time and reduces O.R. frustrations during valve implantation by keeping suture ends organized and tangle-free.

AMSC can competitively bid against competing suture organizers such as the Gabbay-Frater from Deknatel. Contact us for a price quote or to arrange an evaluation!